The Simple Facts - New Food Labelling Changes (Australia/New Zealand)

Nov 3, 2023

Are you up to date with the changes coming to 2024? After a long transition, the deadline is almost here.

Food and drink labels printed after 25th February 2024 must have the following gluten-related ingredients written in BOLD in the ingredients list.

  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Wheat

These must also be written in the...

Allergen Statement 


The following ingredients will be exempt from declaring wheat if they are processed in a way that makes them suitable for consumers with a wheat allergy. These are:

  • Glucose Syrup (Wheat)
  • Distilled Alcohols (Wheat)

It's important to note that glucose syrup made from wheat must contain no more than 20mg/kg of detectible gluten. 

These exemptions are generally considered safe for those with coeliac disease or gluten-sensitivity because the ingredients are so highly processed, there's no gluten left at the end when the food is made and ready to eat. 

But, keep an eye out for...

Old Labels

Label changes will make it easier to identify gluten-free products in the future. However, labels printed prior to 24 February 2024 will still be available on shelves until February 2026, or until stocks sell out (whichever comes first). 

Despite these new changes, we recommend thoroughly reading food labels until the new changes are consistent across store shelves.

For more information on how to read food labels, check out 'Hayden, Food Label Ninja'. Part story, part 6-step guide, this interactive workbook teaches children and families how to read food labels and eat safely on a gluten-free diet. 


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