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Hayden, Cross-Contact Detective
Hayden, Cross-Contact Detective
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Designed to teach children, families and educators how to manage and avoid cross-contact (cross-contamination) in 6 easy steps. 

Join Hayden as she learns all about cross-contact, and what she must do to avoid gluten getting into places it shouldn't at the schools Great Bake-Off. Her tummy depends on her! But will she become the gluten-free baking champion? This interactive workbook features an immersive storyline that puts learning into action. 

  • Equips kids with the skills required to self-manage a gluten-free diet
  • Utilises gentle exposure techniques in a safe and supportive environment
  • Boosts confidence to assess and eat foods without fear
  • Step-by-step learning means the whole family, educators or anyone wanting to learn how to manage cross-contact can benefit

Get ready to empower your child with the gluten-free knowledge they need to thrive and succeed! 

There are a lot of new things you have to learn when you’re gluten-free, as Hayden discovers on the day of the school’s Great Bake-Off competition. When one of her gluten-free friends warns her about cross-contact, she is eager to learn all she can about it.

Thanks to her mum’s special cross-contact workbook, Hayden soon finds out all there is to know about stopping gluten from being in places it shouldn’t. There’s so much good advice, that before long, Hayden is ready to become a top-class cross-contact detective and show off her new skills in the real world. And there’s no better place to do that than at the Great Bake-Off competition!

By remembering all the lessons in her workbook and with some helpful advice from her friends, Hayden proves herself to be not just a cross-contact expert, but a top contender in the school's Great Bake-Off... so long as she can bake the perfect cake!

Hayden, Cross-Contact Detective is part of a six-book series that will encourage and educate those on their own gluten-free journey. Through age-appropriate stories, young readers can navigate a diagnosis, adapt to dietary change, learn how to read food labels, manage cross-contact and overcome the social challenges of being gluten-free. This heart-warming series about a young girl learning to conquer her gluten-free lifestyle is sure to inspire and entertain. 


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