Storybooks (3-8 years)

Suitable for the whole family and the newly diagnosed. Follow the tales of a young girl learning to find joy in her new gluten-free lifestyle. Perfect for children wanting to:

  • Navigate a diagnosis,
  • Adapt to dietary changes.

How Hayden Found Her New Favourite Foods
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How Hayden Became Gluten-Free

Interactive Workbooks (7-13 years)

With easy step-by-step learning, hot tips and engaging storyline, our interactive workbooks teach children the essential skills of how to eat safely and succeed on a gluten-free diet. For children, families and educators wanting to learn how to:

  • Read food labels,
  • Manage cross-contact.

Hayden, Food Label Ninja
Hayden, Cross-Contact Detective

Chapter Books (8+ years)

Laugh, cry and adventure with Hayden as she explores strategies to ensure that nothing gets in the way of her living her best life. For older children wanting to:

  • Overcome the social challenges of being gluten-free.

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Party Slime
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Camp Hooley

How Hayden Found Her New Favourite Foods

How Hayden Found Her New Favourite Foods

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The perfect tool to help gluten-free kids turn food challenges into tasty triumphs.

Being gluten-free doesn't have to be boring or tasteless, in fact, it can be the most fun Hayden has ever had!

  • Endorsed by Coeliac Australia and Allied Health Professionals
  • Uses adaptive coping strategies to navigate dietary change
  • Encourages dietary compliance through a fun world of exploration
  • Inspiring and entertaining story the whole family can enjoy
  • Vibrant and captivating illustrations

Hayden is just like every other kid her age, except for one small difference ... 

She's just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and finding it difficult to navigate the changes it's making in her life. 

One BIG change is that she now has to keep to a strict gluten-free diet and think more about what she's eating. It seems easy enough to just avoid gluten, but when she realises she'll never be able to eat her granny's homemade pie again, and everything she used to love tastes different, she goes in search of answers. Luckily, she finds even more than she bargained for, in the form of new and exciting recipes from a group of friendly gluten-free kids she meets from around the globe. And beyond. 

As well as finding a welcoming community where she can really be herself, Hayden also learns that it isn't just those with coeliac disease who have to eat gluten-free; there's a whole range of reasons why her new friends are gluten-free. It really is a community for everyone!

Once Hayden gets a taste for the limitless recipes available and learns how to make amazing gluten-free versions of her favourite meals, she discovers how much fun cooking can be. Soon, she starts to see that being coeliac isn't necessarily an annoyance, but something that can be enjoyed. 

How Hayden Found Her New Favourite Foods is part of a six-book series that will encourage and educate those on their own gluten-free journey. Through age-appropriate stories, young readers can navigate a diagnosis, adapt to dietary change, learn how to read food labels, manage cross-contact and overcome the social challenges of being gluten-free. This heart-warming series about a young girl learning to conquer her gluten-free lifestyle is sure to inspire and entertain. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Belinda Page
Wonderful book!

We bought this book for our 3.5 year old after she was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Our daughter LOVES it! It's a wonderfully written book with lovely illustrations. It's very relatable for our daughter as the main character also has Coeliac Disease. Absolutely recommend this book!

Paula Rudman
Fantastic book with an educational and empowering message

This is a delightful and educational book that has really helped the confidence of my goddaughter. What truly sets it apart is its positive and empowering message for kids who may feel different due to their dietary restrictions. It encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness and teaches them that being gluten-free doesn't have to be a limitation but rather an opportunity for creative cooking and new food experiences. We love the colorful and vibrant illustrations which adds to its appeal.

Natalie Longman
Amazing - approved by my 8 year old

We bought this book for my newly diagnosed son. It has helped him feel better about eating gluten free. It has also helped his cousins and friends to understand his needs better. He is now asking if we can make Ben’s Berlines. My son has never been interested in cooking until now!! Thank you

Sandra L
This Book Is Awesome!!

This book is awesome! Coeliac kids loved it, siblings loved it, I loved it!

Jody Hampshire
Fantastic book

Bought for my coeliac son he couldn’t believe the characters were just like him so nice to have a book he can relate to! And the personal note was so nice Thankyou x

Great book

Arrived in the mail today and our twins (both coeliac) read it at least a dozen times. They proudly displayed it in their room in eye sight so they could see it from their bed when it was sleep time. Great read and the pictures were great to. I look forward to getting them the other books.

The perfect book for young coeliacs

This outstanding book is a new favourite for my grandchild, who was diagnosed with coeliac last year. It made them feel special and connected to others facing the same challenges. It's well-written and beautifully illustrated. As a school librarian of 30+ years, I highly recommend it!

A wonderful relatable story

It is a beautifully written book that both my children related to, they were so excited to read about someone with similar struggles. They are looking forward to reading the other books that you will be releasing. Thank you for writing a book they were able to relate to and were excited to show their friends and family.

Great Resource

The author's approach to cognitive restructuring and acceptance themes in this book is incredibly effective and practical, making it an invaluable tool for any professional working with children who are dealing with health concerns. The book offers a clear and concise framework for helping children work through their concerns, and the language used is accessible and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a helpful resource in supporting children's mental health.